Ultra High Standard Requirement

Manufactured in self-owned production plant with higher standards than Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The plant utilizes the latest equipment, technology and quality control.

Third Party Quality Check & Testing

Insist on using only natural Rosemary, Vitamin E and other ingredients to combat oxidation, maintain freshness with no harmful chemical preservatives. Uphold higher than usual quality standard and selects only natural edible ingredients that adhere to the most stringent of quality control. As an additional measure, products are sent to third party laboratories for further testing.

24-hour quality testing every hour

Refusing to conform to mediocre standards, quality is an attitude. Petssion believes that quality control is the key to quality feed. That’s why we set stringent requirements that beat even the highest standards. Utilizing 24-hour quality control, we pioneer quality testing on the hour to ensure best nutrients and freshness is maintained throughout the entire production process.
U.S. Petssion natural dog feed is sourced from Texas in the American West where the land is vast and the people are warm and friendly. We carefully select our ingredients under a meticulous process to ensure that our natural dog feed adheres beyond strict industry standards and made with love.