• Made from fresh ripe coconut shreds
  • High-density filtration
  • No additives or impurities
  • benefits_oil_5
    No Cholesterol (0%),No Trans Fat
  • benefits_oil_6
    Main ingredients are medium-chain saturated fatty acids and not long-chain saturated fatty acids that should be avoided.
    Medium-chain fatty acids are easy to digest and do not require bile, pancreatic digestive enzyme or insulin to dissolve; help produce energy, aid metabolism and rid cells of waste and toxins to improve body condition.
  • benefits_oil_7
    Contain large amounts of Lauric Acid C12 that fight against many harmful bacteria, virus and mold to boost immunity (Normal cooking oil contains 0% Lauric Acid)
    Except for breast milk, the richest source of Lauric Acid comes from coconut oil.
Contains monoglycerides for fast relief against eczema, psoriasis, yeast, fungal infection, inflammation etc.; strengthens skin surface and connective tissue under the skin with excellent healing and restorative properties for hair and skin care.