Unleash Innate Health Healing Powers Step By Step

Living in a modern city, a dog’s natural behavior is suppressed and subjected to long-term stress affecting its health and mental state. U.S. PETSSION® premium natural grain free dog food contains Ling Zhi extract to unleash your beloved pet’s innate “Restore + Care” power. Awaken natural potential, activate self-healing force, revitalize and balance system and heal both mental and physical state to combat against bacteria, viruses as well as eradicate mutilated cells.
The price of supplements can be costly and remedial diet only works short term. U.S. PETSSION® premium natural grain free dog food incorporates Ling Zhi extract in daily feed. Regarded in Chinese medicine as the “ultimate prescription”, the dietary intake of Ling Zhi in this form makes it easy for your pet to absorb its gentle and restorative efficacies with no side effects. This therapeutic daily feed activates your pet’s self-healing power, offering remarkable results against the fight of diseases.

Self-healing Concept With Whole “Restore+Care” Formula


Whole Life Dynamic Health

U.S. PETSSION® premium natural grain free dog foods feature fresh meat with holistic and balanced health formula: Ling Zhi to boost body immune system, Lauric Acid from Coconut Oil for balance and Hyaluronic Acid activate joints with 4X Joints Protect Combo to improve mobility. This 3-tier Whole Life Dynamic Health system interacts and synergizes internal organs to awaken and activate your pet’s self-healing power for optimum health.

Ling Zhi Extract in 3 Natural Delicious Flavors

The entire range of U.S. PETSSION® natural dog feed consists of 80% meat with no antibiotics or hormones. Rich fresh meat and fish as main component: Wild pacific salmon, free range lamb and free range turkey and duck. Natural grain free formula with no artificial ingredients exceeds the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) standard to provide a complete and balanced nutrition. Suitable for all dogs 6 months and above.

The Health Of Your Pet Is Priceless

Premium grain free formula and natural with no chemicals, 24-hour quality control every hour and self-owned manufacturing plant exceeding the usual standards required by Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
U.S. Petssion natural dog feed is sourced from Texas in the American West where the land is vast and the people are warm and friendly. Rejecting the mass assembly-line type of production used by large manufacturers, we carefully select our ingredients under a meticulous process to ensure that our natural dog feed adheres beyond strict industry standards and made with love.
Surely you love your pet the way you would treat your daughter or son! The health of your pet is priceless and definitely deserves all the goodness Petssion offers.